A Family Story

Ensuring people’s well-being, from generation to generation

Dermtek Pharma was founded in 1985 by Robert Lavoie and Nicole Clavet.

Robert Lavoie has brought over 50 years of expertise and knowledge to Dermtek’s product line.

A well-known figure in the specialty of Dermatology in Canada, Robert received the Healthcare Marketing Hall of Fame Award in 2004 and in 2016 was given the Award of Honour for his contributions to the overall well-being of Canadians by the CDA (Canadian Dermatology Association).

The children of Robert and Nicole, Michel and Marie-Claude, have since taken over operations and continue the family legacy in formulating their own effective and affordable over the counter products with in house R&D.

Michel and Marie-Claude Lavoie


Reversa: 25 years of innovation

In 1990, Dermtek launched and marketed their Ombrelle sunscreen. It was the first product to protect against UVA and UVB rays, which was a feat in and of itself in dermatological care at the time. The product line had so much success that L’Oréal bought it in 1997.
After Ombrelle’s skin protection products, the next logical step was to correct skin damage caused by sun exposure. It is with this in mind that the Reversa brand was created and each of the brand’s products seeks to respond to the diverse needs of its consumers. Reversa was one of the first brands to use glycolic acid as its main active ingredient, but the innovation didn’t stop there. Such innovation is seen daily at Reversa, since all our products are created by our team of experts. Every formula comes directly from our laboratory in Pointe-Claire, Québec. In addition, since 2018, we have been making sure that all our ingredients are vegan and that none of our products are tested on animals. Consult the pages Vegan Skincare and Cruelty-Free Lab to learn more.
Dermtek Pharma also offers a variety of dermatological treatments for rosacea, body and scalp psoriasis, eczema, acne, warts and other skin conditions.