Reversa: Cruelty-free, vegan dermocosmetic products

PETA certification assures consumers that a product’s ingredients do not include any raw material of animal origin and that the company does not conduct, commission or pay for animal testing for any of its products, ingredients or formulations. Ingredients may be natural, plant-based or synthetic; none can be obtained from an animal or an insect, its production, or any other living species. This means that all Reversa products are free of ingredients such as keratin, lanolin, beeswax, collagen, carmine, gelatin, etc.

“Nature provides researchers and formulators with more than enough to help them develop effective, high-quality dermocosmetic products,” stated Pierre Simard, Scientific Director.

The bunny logo and “Cruelty-Free and Vegan” claim on Reversa packaging indicate that the brand respects these requirements.


Proven effectiveness

“We have never compromised on the quality of our dermocosmetic products. This was even more of a priority when we began creating vegan and cruelty-free formulations,” asserted Maryse Noël, General Manager of Dermtek Pharma, the company behind the Reversa brand.

The anti-aging properties of plant-derived or synthetic ingredients are highly effective. “We use a wide variety of raw materials proven to have real benefits, to address consumers’ different skin concerns: antioxidants, anti-wrinkle, anti-spot, brightening, etc. All of this is possible now,” explained Élyse Coll, Chemist and Product Formulator for the brand.

The Reversa brand is recognized for the effectiveness of its products. That’s why, for over 25 years, Canadian dermatologists have been recommending their products. All made without the use of animal testing, of course. Today, scientists have new ways available to them to conduct tests such as in vitro as well as remunerated voluntary human trials. “Thanks to alternative methods that have been developed over the past years, we are able to very clearly demonstrate both the effectiveness and safety of our products without having to test on animals,” added Michèle Lalande, Scientific Advisor at Dermtek Pharma for over 30 years. Notably, current Canadian law does not yet ban the use of animals in regulatory testing of cosmetic products for sale.


An authentic company

Dermtek Pharma is a company that stays in step with the times. Its leaders are fully mindful of the pressing issues that must be addressed today to protect the environment and all living species, so that we pass on a better world to future generations. For Maryse Noël, “this shift represents a natural evolution for the company’s activities. We can no longer justify doing things any other way. Environmental and ethical issues are at the heart of the design, research and development of our products.”

According to Michel and Marie-Claude Lavoie, owners of the Canadian company, “as a family-run SME, we are fortunate to be close to our consumers. This allows us to have conversations with them, be in tune with their expectations and to turn around quickly when necessary to bring them products they’re seeking. This closeness is an important advantage for us that other larger companies don’t necessarily have the privilege of having.”

Reversa remains to this day one of the few Canadian dermocosmetic brands to offer a line of safe, scientifically proven vegan and cruelty-free products. The company will deploy all efforts necessary to continue innovating while staying deeply committed to these values.   


* PETA: People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals

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