• Guide to prevent and/or treat MASKNE

    The medical term for maskne is acne mechanica, a skin condition caused by the prolonged use of personal protective equipment like face masks. Due to a lack of air circulation, heat and friction on the skin and when combined with a moist environment, pores get clogged which can cause pimples or ac... View Post
  • Anti-Spot and Lightening Advice

    Age spots (also known as liver spots or solar lentigo) are brown, usually harmless discolourations of the skin caused by prolonged and repeated exposure to sunlight. They are most common in people over the age of 40 and usually appear on sun-exposed areas such as the face, neckline, arms, shoulde... View Post
  • Anti-Aging Advice

    Aging is part of life. And so are the wrinkles that come with age. Besides hydrating and protecting skin from the sun, there are also many options to help reduce the appearance of the signs of aging when the time comes. Understanding what causes them in the first place, is the most important.   H... View Post